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Mauritius Island

Welcome to Mauritius


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Fancy a stay at the end of the world? Discover Mauritius Island, a small but mesmerizing island located in the Indian Ocean! Turquoise lagoon, pristine sand and colorful costumes! During your stay in Mauritius, you can laze under the coconut trees, explore the riches of the interior and meet the Mauritian population famous for their kindness and warm welcome. Mauritius is surrounded by luxury properties, hotels, holiday rentals and sumptuous villas when staying in Mauritius you will be impressed by the Mauritian hospitality. You can also subsequently wish to undertake some other activities, for those of you who want the best of this unique adventure you can access a wide  range of leisure through the golf course of international renown, water sports, encounters with exotic animals, big game fishing , scuba diving, catamaran  cruises or skydiving for the more adventurous of you. Enthusiastic beat around a bonfire listen to the  “Sega “traditional Creole music that reflect the festive spirit of the local population, and you will soon understand why Mauritius is considered to be the paradise on earth for so many travelers.


Info Mauritius

Mauritius in Brief




Official Name: Mauritius Island
Capital: Port Louis
Area: 1865 km2 (2045 km2 with dependencies)
Official language: English
Government: Parliamentary democracy
Population: 1.2 million inhabitants
Life expectancy: 67 years for men, 74 women
Religion: Hinduism (majority), Catholicism (30%), Muslim (17%)
Currency: Mauritian rupee (Rs) 
International dialing code: +230


Overview of Mauritius


Three mountain formations dominate the island of volcanic origin, at a height of 828 meters for the Piton of
Black River, the highest point of Mauritius. The central plateau, crossed by extinct craters and small rivers,
it rises to 600 meters. The island is 48 km from east to west and 65 km from north to south, with 330 km of coastline and stunning lagoons, surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef.
As for the climate it's perfect for holidays: a relatively stable temperature throughout the year, between 24 and 30 ° C.


Best time to visit Mauritius is summer from October to February. There are high temperature and the air is quite humide but the sun will always welcome you everyday during your days at the beach


Mauritius Beaches


Mauritius Mauritius Mauritius


Mauritius beaches are popular for the white sand, turquoise blue lagoons, rich coral reef life and the clear warm sea. All these things make of Mauritius one of the top beach, sun and sea destination in the Indian Ocean.
Almost the entire coast of Mauritius is surrounded by a coral reef that protects the lagoons from the big waves as well as from dangerous predators. The water is crystal clear and generally calm making almost all the beaches in Mauritius suitable for children and inexperienced swimmers.



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