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Kitesurfers of the world are now unanimous about Le Morne Kitesurfing spot being the best one of Mauritius. Some even claim it’s among the best ones in the world. There are however several other wonderful kiteboarding spots around Mauritius.


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Kite Surf Mauritius


Kite surfing in Mauritius

Mauritius is now a kite surf destination where several international competitions are held every year, the Kiteival and the Kite Jam are the most famous of them where kite surfers of the world are welcome to enjoy one of the most beautiful spot in the world found at the Morne. Many accommodations sponsored the different competitions and offer special packages for kite surfers who want to fully enjoy their trip in Mauritius in a beautiful setting.  There are many kite boarding school where you can easily rent the equipment or learn kite surf with experimented kite surfers. Since there are many spot for kite surfing in Mauritius that are worth knowing, we have selected some of the best, hoping that it will help riders in choosing the right spots and accommodation in Mauritius,.



Malibu Classic 2011

Kite Surf & Windsurf Championship 2011 Mauritius




Kite Surf Mauritius

Le Morne

Suitable for beginners to expert, windy all year long but the best time to ride is in winter (June to November.), perfect spot for all levels. Le Morne Beach ideal for beginners but crowded in winter with windsurfers and kite surfers coming from around the world to enjoy this beautiful spot, every inch of sea is occupied and it can be difficult to fully enjoy your ride at the beach.


La Preneuse

Suitable for intermediate and expert kitesurfers, strong wind be careful of the trees and beautiful beach.

Ile aux Cerfs.

Suitable for intermediary to expert riders, beautiful lagoon one of the most beautiful spot in Mauritius near a small island where you can enjoy an amazing kite surf session but is only accessible by boat.


Cap Malheureux

Suitable for intermediate and experienced kiteboarders, a place that offers a calm sea. Ideal climate for kitesurfing because you can easily take advantage of almost all wind directions and have fun without moderation, but watch the boats at high speed which are comings and goings frequently on the part of the island.



Not recommended for beginner more appropriate for intermediary and expert, strong winds, be careful and avoid the rocks near the shore, the reefs and some parts of the lagoon are very shallow.



Kite Surf Mauritius


Poste Lafayette


Poste Lafayette is a beautiful spot suitable for beginners to expert kite surfers, this place offer plenty of space with a beautiful beach and a great lagoon


Kite Surf Mauritius


Belle Mare

Belle Mare is a beautiful spot suitable for beginners to expert kite surfers, this place is considered for many to have the most beautiful white sandy beach and clear turquoise sea in Mauritius.

Kite Surf Mauritius



Pointe D'Esny

Suitable for intermediate and experienced kiteboarders, beautiful and clear lagoon to enjoy a wonderful kite surf session. The spot can be accessed only by foot via Blue Bay (unless you rent a beachfront accommodation on the spot.)

Kite Surf Mauritius

Kite Surf Mauritius



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