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Leisure in Mauritius - Golf, Water Sports, Walk with Lions, Swim with Dolphins, Skydiving and Hunting are some of the activities you can enjoy during your trip to Mauritius.


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Mauritius Leisure



Golf Courses in Mauritius


golf mauritiusgolf mauritiusgolf mauritius

Mauritius has many golf courses of 18 holes and 9 holes distributed over the island. Golf courses built mostly by renowned designers such as Rodney Wright, Peter Allis, Gary Player, Hugh Baiocchi. You will find there certified instructors and experimented caddies. Golf balls, golf clubs, trolleys and carts can be rented on site. If you are one of those avid golfers Mauritius is the ideal destination for a memorable golfing holiday.



Water Sports in Mauritius


Water Sports in MauritiusWater Sports in MauritiusWater Sports in Mauritius


Water Sports in Mauritius
Surrounded by turquoise water and beautiful coral reefs Mauritius offers a lot of water activities on most of the beautiful beaches around the island coast. Water sports in Mauritius includes jet Skiing, Kite surfing, Para sailing , windsurfing, sea kart, standing up paddle, surfing, canoeing, Deep sea fishing , scuba diving, snorkelling and undersea walks. Mauritius is the paradise for the water sports enthusiasts.



Skydiving Mauritius


Slydiving in Mauritius









During your trip to Mauritius you will be able to parachute to 10,000 feets to get another perspective of the beauty of the island seen from above. Enjoy a unique flying experience and fall for about a minute to reach a maximum speed of 200 km / hour, before opening your parachute and glide through the air for about 5 minutes, contemplating the canopy of one of the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean.



Swim with Dolphins


Dolphins in Mauritius









Swim alongside the Spinners Dolphins of Tamarin Bay and experience these extraordinary mammals in a truly unique setting. This excursion is about observing these mammals within their natural habitat.



Hunting in Mauritius


Hunting in Mauritius








Hunt the deer and wild boars that live freely on many hectares of preserved forest. The Mauritian deer (Cervus Timorensis Russa) and the wild boars are the main prey for the hunters, one of the most commonly used hunting method in Mauritius, is to wait on the matadors (Posts of observation) at strategic point in order to find a good target. The hunters will be taken in charge by the experimented guides who will provide the necessary security elements and the smooth running of the hunt. It is highly recommended to be equipped with good walking shoes and wear dark clothes (avoid wearing colourful clothes, especially white ones).



Diving in Mauritius


Diving Mauritius


Dive sites are located around Mauritius and on some islands to the north and west. You can easily find diving centers offering tours of wrecks or other caves of rare beauty all accompanied by experienced guides. Diving conditions vary around the island, however the east coast is home to some of the most beautiful dive sites of the island. Discover a Marine Fauna and Flora of great diversity and a rich and complex ecosystem.



Big Game Fishing Mauritius


Big Game Fishing Mauritius


Mauritius is world famous for its deep sea fishing. Depending on the time of year, it is possible to catch the blue or black marlin, sailfish, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, trevally, dogtooth tuna, bonito, sharks and many others. The deep sea fishing is a unique experience in Mauritius, offering an ideal setting for lovers of fishing that can easily enroll in one of the numerous competitions that take place throughout the year.



Rock climbing in Mauritius


rock climbing mauritius


Climbing is one of the most popular sports in Mauritius, through the mountainous terrain of the island and many sites naturally suited to the practice of this sport. In Mauritius you can easily find excursions accessible to novice and experimented climbers in search of strong sensation. The southwest of the island provides an ideal setting for climbing, located in the midst of abundant nature preserved you will be able to fully enjoy this outdoor sport where you will learn breathing techniques to maximize your performance, safety rules and nodes techniques with experimented guides of Mauritius Island.




Canyoning Mauritius


For those looking for a good push of adrenaline during their vacation under coconut trees Mauritius offers tours for fans of canyoning a major challenge for lovers of strong sensation, an activity accessible to couple, alone or with your family because canyoning is open to all. Start down steep walls recall using abseiling and waterways as a playground in a nature still preserved from pollution. Canyoning in Mauritius often included hiking, jumping, climbing, swimming and abseiling.


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