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Safari Adventures Mauritius brings to you the first "Lion Encounter" on the island. This exclusive activity is available all year at the Casela Nature & Leisure Park, Mauritius.


Walk with Lions in Mauritius



Walk with lions in Mauritius, during the activity, they will witness how they climb on trees, play together in streams and in high grass, move around and even stalk one of the various animal found in the reserve.

With over 3 generations of lion handling, the guides are there, not only to ensure you feel at ease with the lions but also to share their experience and facts about these felines.

After the walk, refreshment is offered and explanations about the reproduction and conservation program will be provided.

Don’t leave the park without your certificate because, walking with lions, is a rare amazing experience you may never witness again.


walk with lion in mauritius



walk with lion in mauritius


What to expect:
The walk is conducted over 45 minutes to 1 hour in time along the Rivière du Rempart and you will be accompanied by professional guides. This popular activity is followed by refreshments and bookings in advance are strongly recommended. The groups for the walks are made up of up to 12 people.


walk with lion in mauritius


Age Restrictions
The Big Cat Adventures does not base itself solely on actual age but on a height chart of which the minimum height requirement is above 1.5 metres and/or the age of 15 in the case of minors.


Health Requirements
Please confirm that all people all people that have booked to either walk or interact with the big cats should not be suffering from any disabilities either mentally or physical. That they have no major hearing or visual impairments. If any of the above is found incorrect on the day of your activity "NO" refund will be considered. These rules are for your safety.



walk with lion in mauritius



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