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Rodrigues Island a quiet place off the coast of the main island Mauritius. A gem for lovers of relaxation and well-being forming part of the Mascarene Islands, a few miles of beach lost in the Indian Ocean.


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Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues Island Travel Guide

Discover a piece of heaven untouched by the tourism boom.


In the middle of the Indian Ocean some miles away from Mauritius you will find Rodrigues, with a small population and rich culture, this island has managed to become a little paradise for nature lovers.

An island of great beauty with a turquoise lagoon and beautiful beaches here's what gives it charm to Rodrigues, both rustic and authenticity.


Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues with a few small hotels and attractions such as Cave potatoes or capital Port Mathurin is an island that tourism development has not affected. You will find small villages with very jovial people attached to their traditions and peaceful way of life, residents living mainly from fishing and tourism.  


Rodrigues Island

In Rodrigues, you can snorkel in a lagoon rainbow with thousands of species of fishes, Rodrigues has a rich and varied marine life. You can also go to the resorts own activities such as kite surfing, windsurfing and water sports of all kinds.


Rodrigues is a picturesque island, with small luxury hotels, small villas and bungalows bechfront where you will easily find some beautiufl accommodation for a short trip to an ancient culture.

Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues Island



Rodrigues Island has a rich cuisine made ​​with local products of the sea available in abundance.




The official language is English. The French and Creole are also spoken by the population.


Holidays - Festivals


  • 1 and 2 January: New Year.
  • February 1: Abolition of slavery.
  • March 12: Independence Day (declared in 1968).
  • May 1: Labor Day.
  • August 15: Assumption.
  • 1st November: All Saints.
  • December 25: Christmas.

Getting around the island

The easiest thing to do is the car rental option to remain free.


All medical facilities are concentrated in Mauritius.






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