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Discover Mauritius differently with the best travel attractions that includes 7 colored earth CHamarel, Casela Nature and Leisure Park, walking with Lions, swimming with Dolphins, Morne Brabant, Deers Island, Black River gorges and more.


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Attractions on Earth

Natural Attractions


7 Colored Earths of Chamarel


7 Colored Earths of Chamarel













Land to the 7 colors of Chamarel remains must-see attraction for all visitors to Mauritius, real phenomenon of nature this natural attraction of rare beauty will leave you speechless with its shades of colors of scarlet, green , the degrade of yellow and brown a real festival for the eyes.



Le Morne Brabant


Morne Brabant


Le Morne Brabant majestic mountain located south-west of Mauritius, a historic  vestige of a colonial era where slaves known as “marrons” runaway slaves fled plantations of sugar to taste a fleeting freedom, they preferred to commit suicide by jumping from the summit of the mountain rather than return to work in the fields. The site was proclaimed as world heritage site by UNESCO since July 6, 2008.



Botanical Garden of Pamplemousses


Jardin Pamplemousses Ile Maurice


The botanical garden of Pamplemousses Mauritius is located at a few kilometers from the capital Port Louis. An Eden garden for the botanists that have gathered trees and spices from around the world to built the most beautiful garden of the southern hemisphere. An initiative of Pierre Poivre, a former seminarian of the French colonial era, who wanted to create a green paradise in Mauritius that would sheltered plants and spices from around the globe. The garden is furrowed avenues and alleys which are named after the great naturalists who have studied and contributed to this unique project.



Trou aux Cerfs dormant volcano


trou aux cerfs mauritius


The Trou aux Cerfs is a dormant volcano of 605 meter high that offers beautiful views of the high Plaine Wilhems a beautiful conic crater of 350 meters in diameter and 80 meters deep situated in Curepipe popular among the locals who come there to run and stay fit surrounded by a preserved nature.



Bizarre attraction


Chamarel Curious Corner


upside down corner chamarel


Welcome to a bizzare but funny attraction in Mauritius where perception of reality and senses will be tested, in an upside down room a great experience that will enjoy the children and the adult without exception in the beautiful setting of Chamarel.



The Natural Parks


The vanilla Crocodile park


The vanilla Crocodile park



Crocodile Park Vanilla is a magical place where you will have the opportunity to meet and feed giant turtles and monkeys, take a picture with colored iguanas all this surrounded by a dense and varied vegetation. It is important not to be fooled by the smiles of the Niles crocodiles living in captivity, this protected environment ensured the control of the reproduction of those large reptiles, they rarely showed affection toward humans, so don't try to give them a big hug for your own safety. You can buy bags in crocodile or crafts for those of you who want to eat crocodile there is a restaurant offering a discovery for your taste buds, crocodile steak on the menu.



Black River Gorges Mauritius


black river gorge national park mauritius


Black River Gorges National Park is a national park in the hilly south-western part of Mauritius. The park offers picnic areas and 60 kilometres of trails. The park represent most of the island's remaining of rainforest although much of this has been degraded because of the introduction of foreign plants such as Chinese guava, privet and animals such as deer and wild pigs. Many endemic plants and animals still exist in the park including the Mauritian flying fox and all of the island's endemic birds: Mauritius kestrel, pink pigeon, Mauritius parakeet, Mauritius cuckoo-shrike, Mauritius bulbul, Mauritius olive white-eye, Mauritius grey white-eye and Mauritius fody.



Parc Aventures Chamarel  


park adventure chamarel


Discover the park adventure Chamarel in the heart of unique 12 hectare of preserved tropical forest, in Mauritius Island. Welcome to a fun adventure, no matter if you are athletic or not you will surely enjoy this trip, where you can roam free in a dense vegetation climbing and walking in the forest, attached to a lifeline ( safety equipement ). Chamarel park adventure offer a unique experience for nature lovers in Mauritius Island, with a lot of fun of these outdoor activities that will ravish visitors of all ages.



Casela Nature & Leisure Park


casela nature and leisure park mauritius


Discover the Casela Nature & Leisure Park covering an area of ​​14 hectares, which opened its doors in 1979 and now offers more than 1,500 birds, lions, zebras, giant tortoises, monkeys, a tiger, and many other animals. A visit to the endemic forest with old trees such as ebony and let your children have fun at the mini-farm or our fishing ponds Enjoy the natural beauty of Mauritius by Quad, Buggy, Segway or by going to the adventure time hiking try the longest zipline in the Indian Ocean, or go for a walk with lions.


Walks with lions


walk with lion in mauritius


At Casela in the park of Yemen in the southwest of Mauritius, there is a new and unique attraction, that is walking in the Mauritius savannah among the lions. The park harbors several species of animals such as leopards, zebras, monkeys and deer. Offering a unique view of the Rempart Mountain and on the west coast of Mauritius Island. Once the briefing ended with the guides you will walk among the lions group to establish contact with them. The lions will climb trees, play and are fed. After the trip you will return to the park, where refreshment is offered while the guides explain the breeding program and conservation, at the end you will receive a certificate of bravery! Duration of the attraction at the park: about 1 hour walking with lions.


Attractions by air


Skydiving in Mauritius


skydiving mauritius



Experience skydiving in Mauritius Island

A Skydiving experience at 10,000ft skydive in Mauritius a paradise island. Enjoy Mauritius' most spectacular scenic flight and the most visually awesome Tandem Skydive you can ever imagine.



Island Wings


island wings


You will be aboard one of the two planes Island Wings Three routes are offered . First, "The Cardinal " which lasts 15 minutes. You'll start at the base of Mon Loisir , towards Haute Rive - Roches Noires and you will fly over the lagoon to the island of Amber. Back towards the base flying cane fields Piton .

" Cateau Vert " which lasts half an hour after takeoff Mon Loisir direction Belle Marie , flying over the lagoons of Poste Lafayette and Roches- Noires to the island of Amber. Then back to the base of Mon Loisir flying over the cane fields of Piton .

The third route " Kestrel " lasts one hour. The ULM will fly lagoons Poste Lafayette and Roches- Noires to the Isle of Amber, Grand Gaube to Cape Unhappy and Grand Bay. Back to base Mon Loisir flying over the cane fields and Piton de Labourdonnais .

Wings Mauritius Island also provides tailor-made itineraries .


Attractions by sea


Standing Surf paddle


standing surf paddle mauritius


Stand up paddle aka SUP, is fun for everybody, whether it’s alone, or with friends, family, children, easy to learn you will get your way after a few minutes ! 



Seakart in Mauritius


seakart mauritus attraction


Discover the beauty of the Mauritius lagoons driving your own speed boat : the SEAKART.
You will be welcomed in a magnificent setup with a large swimming pool dominating La Balise Marina, by a friendly and professional team.
After the briefing and the initiation by our qualified instructor, for 1 hour or on a half or full day basis you will experience new sensations in the most beautiful part of the island.



Swim with Dolphins in Mauritius


swim with dolphins in mauritius


Discover this mystic creatures of the sea one of the most intelligent animal in the sea and in the animal realm. Encounter the dolphins in their natural habitat and dive in this unique adventure of a lifetime by swimming with the dolphins in Mauritius



Undersea Walk in Mauritius


Undersea Walk in Mauritius


Experience the ultimate sensation where time stops, worries disappear and breathing underwater becomes possible, it is a sure attraction for everyone. Enjoy a walk underwater and be prepared to be amazed by the fascinating sea life at the bottom of the Indian Ocean (to a depth of about 3 - 4meters) Your impression of lightness and ease of movement underwater will amaze you during this unique experience, meet the local marine life, coral and a variety of fish in their natural habitat. Qualified and experienced guides will accompany you throughout your walk underwater to ensure your safety. It is a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to discover the underwater world of Mauritius.




Aquarium mauritius









Situated in the north west of Mauritius Island at Pointe-aux-Piments a peaceful coastal village, the Aquarium hosts some 200 species of indigenous fishes, build with an eco friendly approach and trying to preserve the different species that are slowly disappearing from their natural habitat thanks to over fishing. Aquarium is contributing to save the sea life of the island and gave the unique opportunity to its visitors to discover the fauna and the flora of the sea.




Whales Watching in Mauritius


Whales Watching in Mauritius


The whale watching trip is a unique opportunity to encounter one of the biggest and most amazing animals still alive in the sea realm. Watch this heavy weight creature moving with grace in a turquoise sea. Encountering whales, is an incredible experience.

You will be able to see the gigantic whales so majestic and amazing at the same time. No matter how you see and feel this unique experience you will mostly feel humble and amazed by those gorgeous creatures who are vestiges of prehistorique time.


Blue Safari


Blue Safari


Unforgettable experience in Mauritius diving to 35 meters depth on board a real submarine. As part of this underwater expedition, you will discover a wreck, coral reefs, and an anchor from the 17th century and discover a variety of species of fish that inhabit the lagoon of Mauritius.
The expedition begins with a briefing followed by boat transfer to the platform where you will board the submarine. The submarine is air-conditioned with fully transparent glass cabin to enjoy a panoramic view.
Drivers are trained professionals in marine biology and are formed to guarantee you a safe journey. At the end of the trip each passenger will receive a certificate signed by the pilot. The submarine can take 10 people including the driver and operates in the north of Mauritius. The starting point is between Mon Choisy and Trou aux Biches.



Sea Kayaking in Mauritius


Sea kayaking mauritius


Sea kayaking is a great am umique way to discover the beauty of the Mauritius lagoon, the breathtaking sceneries and of the small islets surrounding the main island.



Yemaya Adventures


Yemaya Adventures


Yemaya is a place where nature lovers will have the experience of their lives. The concept is simple yet innovative, explore what nature has to offer in a good child atmosphere, a taste for adventure in a respectful environment. Yemaya Adventures offers activities such as sea kayaking, mountain biking and hiking in the most unspoilt part of Mauritius. Each trip is set up with the protection of the environment in mind, travel is also aimed at raising awareness of the local fauna and flora and what is being done to preserve it.



Natural attractions by sea


Ile aux Cerfs


ile aux cerfs


Small but beautiful Islet located on the east coast of Mauritius ile aux Cerfs have one of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius. If at first the island was a real paradise preserved from tourism development it was later catch up by mass tourism and some infrastructure was incorporate in order to please a luxury customers like a golf course and restaurant. Nevertheless its still one of the best attraction in Mauritius, you can easily access to this gem surrounded by turquoise water by ferry from the coast of Trou d'eau douce, the beaches are crowded and water sports will be offered as soon as your toes will touch the white sands. You can walk freely on the island but some area are restricted, you will have the opportunity to relax on the beaches and enjoy your sunbathing without limits, be ready at noon because the last ferries leave the island at 16.00 pm


Crystal Rock of Mauritius


Crystal Rock of Mauritius


Off the south west coast of Mauritius, about 200 meters from the shore, sits this rock in the middle of the ocean. The famous Crystal Rock of Mauritius a place where you can dive and rest on this beautiful wonder of nature.



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